About Us

The Urban Leadership Foundation of Colorado

The Urban Leadership Foundation of Colorado 501(c)(3) non-profit is one of Colorado's most recognized and accomplished leadership organizations within the Denver metro area.  ULF Colorado has a rich history of not only providing quality leadership training but also facilitating the advancement of our future business, political and community leaders.

At its core, Urban Leadership Foundation of Colorado is a bastion for professional excellence, community service and unity for Black leaders. The socio-political context of the last several years has created a significant moment for ULFC to lead the charge in ensuring communities have the support they require to flourish. Guided by its community of changemakers,

ULFC’s refreshed mission and vision more accurately reflect its expanding scope and field leadership.

Our Mission

The Urban Leadership Foundation of Colorado (ULFC) is an opportunity catalyst that accelerates economic, social, and professional vitality by investing in Black professionals, youth and community well-being.

Our Vision

A world where servant leaders operate at all levels to provide Black communities with access to the wealth, talent and support they need to thrive.

We Value

  • Bolstering & Elevating Black Excellence
  • Flexing Purpose & Realizing Power
  • Transformative Civic Engagement
  • Thriving As A Right, Not Privilege

Education / Programming

Our programming provides participants with leadership training and education as it relates to becoming a more effective business, political and/or community leader.  Our flagship program, ULF Connect Leadership, is a 10 month, 22+ class leadership training program.  We hope that our training not only equips individuals with the tool necessary to become more effective leaders but also inspire them to lead.

Advancement / Advocacy

In addition to providing training/education, we provide advancement and advocacy services.  Upon graduation from our leadership program, our goal is to assist individuals with advancing both their careers and leadership goals.  We do this by actively identifying business, political and community leadership opportunities in which we think our participants would be a fit and advocate on their behalf. We also provide mentorships and other resources for individuals looking for one on one training.

The Belief

  1. Black excellence is powered by spaces that generate reflection, genuine connection, community and growth.
  2. Communities of color flourish when they have strong pillars that support public, mental and physical well-being.
  3. We must drastically diversify and amplify our voices in spaces that create transformational opportunity for all.
  4. Servant leaders of color strengthen communities when they have access to capital and wealth building opportunities.

The Strategy

Over the next three years, ULFC will bolster and propel its history excellence cultivation into the future. Three goals that align to ULFC’s core areas of work will guide its approach.

Strategic Goal #1: Codify and expand multiple pathways for meaningful learning and connection among emerging leaders, fellows, alumni and partners.

Strategic Goal #2: Sustainably scale philanthropic capabilities to monitor, resource, respond to and evaluate progress on community needs.

Strategic Goal #3: Organize the “ULFC Family” and its partners to set a robust Black agenda to create the enabling conditions for institutional change.