Alisha Harris

Alisha Harris CEO & Creative Director

Original Account Strategies

Graduating Class: 2023

Industry: Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communications, Graphic Design & Web Development, and Marketing, Sales & Service


Alisha Harris is the CEO and Creative Director of Original Account Strategies, a website development and graphic design agency based in Denver, Colorado. Original Account Strategies (OAS) excels at weaving narratives and creating aesthetically pleasing visuals that align with impactful messages. OAS has completed projects for individuals, small businesses, government contractors, nonprofit organizations, and public entities. A few notable clients include Good Business Colorado, Mile High United Way, and Colorado Department of Transportation.

Prior to founding OAS in 2020, Alisha has found experience and held leadership roles in a wide variety of industries. Alisha graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with two degrees, a B.A. in Theatrical Production with a focus in Costume Design and a B.A. in Spanish Communication for Business and Professional Contexts. She also earned a certificate in Teaching English as a Second or Other Language.
Throughout her professional career, Alisha has been known for her creativity and versatility. In addition to costuming work for both Six Flags Entertainment Corporation and The Walt Disney Company, she has served in AmeriCorps and the California Conservation Corps, taught as an educator within and outside of the United States, studied as an apprentice in the construction industry, and held supervisory positions with the National Park Service.

Alisha is a multi-talented individual who holds a strong desire for connecting with others and learning their stories. She encourages open and creative thinking by bringing together diverse groups of people. Alisha makes every effort to contribute towards and foster an environment in which people are kind and supportive of one another, differences are celebrated, and there is overall enjoyment to be found, even through difficult and stressful situations. In short, she wants to help other people feel vibrant and shine with their full glory. In life, her intention is to continuously build bridges amongst people, communities, concepts, and ideas. Alisha holds true to the idea that is best way to amplify creative efforts and achieve greater results is by working together.