Betty Hart

Betty Hart Manager of the Experiential Learning Team for Arts Integrated Resources

Kaiser Permanente

Graduating Class: 2016

Industry: Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communications


I am a professional facilitator, actor, director, and voice over artist.
I use the gift of listening and connection to bring people together. In facilitation, I help find the wisdom in the room. There is always wisdom in every room. Are we hearing that wisdom? Often we aren’t, because an atmosphere must be created so that people are free to speak and diverse voices can be heard.

In addition, I am a storyteller. The arts allows stories to be told and received. As an actor or director, i use my God-given talent to bring stories to life.

As a voice over artist, I create sounds that people want to lean into. Whether it’s explaining new software or promoting your brand, my voice can help you accomplish your goals.

Lastly, I’m a public speaker who also coaches others in public speaking. I know how to use one’s body and voice to command a room and accomplish objectives, and can help you to do the same.


BA Theatre Arts & English, Whittier College, Whittier, California


Facilitator–over 10 years. I’ve facilitated for Kaiser Permanente Colorado and Georgia facilitating conversations on topics including health equity, poverty, race, bias, culture, conflict resolution, laughter as wellness, compassion fatigue, HIV transmission, stress in classrooms and workplace, etc. I’ve led talk backs and/or community conversations on race, rape culture in Boulder, and other challenging topics for Local Theatre, square product theatre, Arvada Center, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, Working Title Playwrights, etc.

Freelance Director – over 10 years. I’ve directed at the Denver Center for the Arts, Aurora Fox Arts Center, Local Theater Company, Creede Repertory Theatre, Metropolitan State University, University of Northern Colorado, Fine Arts Center @ Colorado College, Town Hall Arts Center, Vintage Theatre, Kaiser Permanente Arts Integrated Resources, Essential Theatre, Theatre Emory, Horizon Theatre, etc.

Freelance Voice over artist–over 10 years for various corporate and non-profit clients–e-learning, audio books, etc.