Carla D. Coburn

Carla D. Coburn IT Manager - Client Services

Graduating Class: 2016

Industry: Information Technology


Customer Service and Collaboration are key drivers that generate passion in my work. I have worked in the government sector for the last 15 years with ten of those years being in a “start-up” city which played to my interest in new projects and pioneering new initiatives. My emphasis is in the area of Information Technology, where I gained much of my skill in project management, applications, telephony, desktop support to name a few. I was promoted to management and successfully transitioned (within one year) a contracted IT department to a fully staffed Operations team which includes Applications, Network, Database Administration, Service Desk, and the future addition of Web Services. I’m not the typical IT professional who works only with machines, but I enjoy working with the clients. My management skills, along with the technical and communications background, empowers me to be an effective liaison between clients and IT staff. I can bring the very technical speak to relatable knowledge for an end user. My top five strengths are Learner, Intellection, Achiever, Relator and Belief, which quickly states that I am an honest leader who collaborates with others and focuses on getting the job done successfully.


IT Manager – City of Centennial
Systems Administrator – City of Centennial
Web Administrator – City of Centennial
Web Coordinator – City of Greenwood Village
Administrative Manager – AT&T Broadband (now Comcast)