Dr. Antoinette Hudson

Dr. Antoinette Hudson

Graduating Class: 2009

Industry: Education & Training


Dr. Antoinette Hudson is a Denver Public Schools graduate, teacher, school and district leader with twenty-one years of service as an educator in both the Denver Public School District and in the Cherry Creek School District. Dr. Hudson is an alumna of the University of Denver and a proud member of International Ombudsman Association (IOA).

As an Ombuds, Dr. Hudson is committed to supporting and serving DPS team members. DPS team members have an opportunity to discuss their experiences in a confidential, safe, and neutral space where we will work together to clarify issues, determine options, discuss resolutions to problems and challenges experienced. Dr. Hudson has extensive leadership experience within the district; as an Instructional Superintendent, Principal, Learn to Lead Principal Resident, Assistant Principal, Program Manager overseeing ELA Summer programming, and Teacher.


University of Denver (2009)