Jasmine Elizabeth

Jasmine Elizabeth Social Entrepreneur

J. Elizah's Consulting, LLC

Graduating Class: 2016

Industry: Business Management & Administration and Social Impact/Community Service


Jasmine Elizabeth is a creative consultant and professional strategist with a focus on organizational development, branding and administrative support for small businesses and entrepreneurs. She also has a sincere passion for the growth and advancement of community, women and youth focused initiatives. Self-aware and curious, she seeks to empower others to be their authentic self, comfortable in their own skin, and ready to take their place in our community and the world.

As a young professional based in Denver, CO Jasmine works tirelessly to help others discover their dreams and obtain the means to pursue them. Awarded 2017 Rising Star Graduate of the Urban Leadership Foundation Leadership, Jasmine is actively seeking ways to connect with the Denver community to build J. Elizah’s Consulting, LLC a brand management and back-office solutions firm seeking to serve the Creative Entrepreneur, nonprofits as well as small businesses.


Masters of Science in Nonprofit Management and Philanthropy


Jasmine has taken an active role in contributing to the welfare of her Denver community by hosting her first event, Thanksgiving in July which provided over 600 people without homes with a full service bar-b-que, haircuts provided by Emily Griffith Technical School and an amazing sense of community. She seeks to partner with other nonprofits to create events and projects that build the gaps in our community among various groups.

In June 2017, Jasmine self-published her first book, ‘Return to the Knew,’ a memoir about her personal journey back to place of confidence and esteem.

Some of her previous work includes the Woman of BEAUTY Recognition, the Antiquity of Dance (AOD), The Family Field Day, Fathers Of Our Community, and The Howard Connection College Tour based in Springfield, MA. She is also the Creative Mind behind Beauties to Behold a leadership development program for girls, and Jas Jewels motivations.