Johnell Moody

Johnell Moody Associate Regional Director

Young Life - Front Range

Graduating Class: 2020

Industry: Social Impact/Community Service


Johnell is the Associate Regional Director for the Front Range Region of Young Life, overseeing multiethnic youth programming development initiatives throughout Metro Denver. Johnell also leads the Front Range Region of Young Life in DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), operating to build thriving systems to increase the effectiveness of working cross-culturally with youth and adult youth leaders.

Johnell Moody is born and raised in Denver’s Five Points neighborhood and has had a strong community presence with over 15 years of youth development work throughout Metro Denver. Experienced and trained in transformational leadership and cultural intelligence, Johnell’s style and approach to youth development maximize the adolescent leadership experience to mold them for future service. Johnell holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Service from Columbia College and is presently studying for his Master’s in Ministry Leadership at Western Theological Seminary. Johnell continues to work diligently to address racial inequities that create significant roadblocks for youth of color while providing leadership opportunities and diverse experiences for youth of color to flourish.


Bachelor’s degree in Human Service from Columbia College


Young Life Front Range Region – Associate Regional Director

October 2020–Present

    • Lead teams and individuals in spiritual development.
    • Assist regional director in casting vision for reaching “every kid” within the region.
    • Assist regional director in developing diverse leadership and ministries.
    • Work with the regional director to recruit, interview, hire, and place staff within the region.
    • Supervise, develop, and evaluate staff, providing resources and experiences needed to implement the vision in the Denver Metro Area.
    • Assist regional director in the development and implementation of diversity, equity, and inclusion regional trainings.
    • Help develop and lead the region’s fundraising strategy, ensuring excellence in communication to donors.
    • Raise the necessary funds to carry out the regional ministry vision with the Regional Director.
    • Assist in the development of new areas, and identify interested adults to help the ministry to grow in Denver Metro
    • Observe and evaluate Denver Metro local areas ensure Young Life ministry is carried out with excellence.
    • Assist the RD to ensure a regional plan is in place to grow Young Life in the region, including multi-cultural and specialized ministries.

Denver Metro Young Life – Area Director

August 2017–September 2020

    • Mobilize adult committee members to govern the Area priorities and maintain a biblical foundation authentically focused on Jesus
    • Developed, mobilized, managed diverse teams impacting over 600 students
    • Increased Area financial substantivity by 10% each fiscal year through a collective funding strategy and significant gift contributions
    • Enhanced the Metro Leadership pipeline through the creation and scaling of the Emerging Student Leadership Project, impacting 30 high school juniors and seniors
    • Development of five strategic church partnerships for leader recruitment and direct ministry sustainability
    • Organized Denver Metro’s strategic priorities to reach overall school development and funding goals

Providence Bible Church – High School Youth Director

March 2016–August 2017

    • Recruited and trained a diverse group of church youth leaders reaching over 100 unchurched youth
    • Developed and executed urban youth weekly outreach programs
    • Effectively developed and executed relevant urban youth discipleship curriculums

CrossPurpose – Youth Development Director

September 2015–August 2017

    • Created a successful urban youth leadership development program impacting over 300 urban youth
    • Created strategic partnership with Denver Red Shield leveraging summer employment for urban youth
    • Successful execution of the Transformation Discipleship Model in a 5-week summer day camp focused on low-income kids
    • Fundraised and sustained the program operating budget of $80,000
    • Developed and maintained a partnership with the City and County of Denver Children Affairs Office