Kurt Ogbewele

Kurt Ogbewele Physical Education Teacher/Athletic Director

Kipp Public Charter Schools


Graduating Class: 2015

Industry: Education & Training


Hello my name is Kurt Ogbewele and I am from Brooklyn, New York. I played College basketball at Arizona Western Community College and Colorado Christian University. I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Organizational Management in Christian Leadership. I graduated in 2011. I later went on to play professional basketball in France and Romania. After playing professional basketball I got hired to work at Colorado Uplift as a Teacher/Mentor. I taught the youth character skills and mentored them. I later worked at Friends for Youth as a Case Manager. I pretty much Managed and Mentored kids who were locked up for minor felonies and misdemeanor. Later I worked at Archway housing as a family service coordinator. I taught kids in the age range of 6-18 character skills and life skills. I also worked with there parents who were from Africa domestic and life skills. Later I decided to work for profit and that was not a passion of mine. I decided to go back to education and worked for DPSK12 as a program leader. I developed lesson plans and taught kids life skills. The kids were in the grades of Pre k- 5th grade. I then worked at DSST cole middle school as a Physical education teacher and basketball coach. I coached boys. I taught kids sport skills, healthy diet and life skills. I then decided to work at Kipp Kipp sunshine peak academy. I am working as a Physical Education teacher and Athletic Director.


I went to Colorado Christian University in 2008-2011. I graduated from CCU with a Bachelors degree in Organizational Management in Christian leadership. This was in May of 2011


I worked at Colorado Uplift in 2011

I worked at Friends For Youth in 2012

I worked at Archway housing in 2013

I worked for Profit in 2014

I worked at DPSK12 in 2015

I worked at DSST in 2016

I worked at Kipp public charter schools in 2020