Lisa Saladino Garife

Lisa Saladino Garife Founder & CEO

Click Bridge Marketing

Graduating Class: 2017

Industry: Marketing, Sales & Service


I love people. Plain and simple. The end.

Haha, just kidding. Not about the first part, but yes…not the end.

One of my mottos is “I collect people, not things! People are FAR more fascinating.”

What an honor it has been to be part of this group of esteemed leaders in Denver. I have learned SO much, gained rich experiences, treasured wisdom that NO book on earth could have taught me, but more than all this I’ve had the complete joy of adopting (and being adopted) into a family of folks who will always have a slice of my heart.

Sounds corny, I know, but you YOU try to make it through a year of meetings, events, service projects, life experiences ~~ without falling in love with the leaders around you!!

Beyond grateful for the Urban Leadership Foundation Colorado! Thank you to all who make it happen and continue to thrive. This program impacted me immensely.


University of California, San Diego, Bachelor of Arts
Political Science and Women’s Studies

Graduate: Dan Hollings, AmazoWorks, 2015
Graduate: AmazoPartnering PLUS AmazoWorks Prime, 2015
Member: AmazoElite Mentorship Team, 2015
Professional Organization: AmazoIncubator Group
Honors Graduate: Dan Hollings, AmazoElite Mentorship Team, 2016

Digital Marketing, Business Automation, Conversion Marketing, Messenger Bot Growth Strategies

Graduate: E-commerce & Shopify Course 2016
Graduate: Local Marketing Vault, 2017
Graduate: Painless Prospecting, Pay To Play Digital Blueprint Strategist, Referral Ninja Growth 2018
Graduate: Bot Boss VIP Conversion Messenger Marketing 2018

Course Work: Click Funnels, Ontraport, Many Chat, Facebook & Google Campaign Course
Local Marketing Live Event Attendee & Student 2017 & 2018
Revenue Growth Tactician, Digital Blueprinting Specialist 2017 & 2018
Many Chat Conference Attendee & Student 2018


Click Bridge Marketing, Founder & CEO (4 Years)

As a Full Service Digital Creative Agency, our team of specialists at Click Bridge Marketing, consistently delivers outstanding results combining creative ideas with our vast experience. We can help you build a sustainable, meaningful relationship with your clients by engaging them with your brand using social media.

We work in areas as diverse as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Lead Nurturing Campaigns and Digital Marketing via Managed Pay Per Click Services (Google, Facebook & Others).

Optimal growth is the end-game and we love driving results that delight our clients with brilliant Website Designs, Promotional Videos, Reputation Management, Google My Business & Maps Ranking and Messenger Bot Conversion Marketing (which in many cases can super-charge your efforts via organic traffic!)

Our core values consist of transparency, collaboration, mutual respect and service to others. Your success is our success and we are addicted to seeing you grow! It is why we do what we do. If this is resonating with you, let’s chat further to see if we are a match.

Global Cynergies, Director, National Accounts (Industry Veteran, 15+ Years)

A global hotel brokerage firm with over 150 associates stationed in 28 countries, speaking 40 languages and contracted business with over 3,000 hotels and venues in more than 1,000 destinations in 85 countries. Programs placed with 340 brands within 300 chains.

Executed all aspects of procurement, sourcing, contract negotiations while retaining key clients with established relationships and generating increased business via network of referrals.

Key Accomplishments:

Contracted programs of up to 2,500 attendees in a single event and 1,500 attendees for another.

Designated as Global Cynergies Silver Circle Award Winner 2015 & Gold Circle Award Winner 2016.

Received Vail Resorts top-most tier award as a member of the Double Black Diamond Club for 2017 & 2019, booking over 1,000 guest room nights per year.

Currently, I have combined the skills gained as an solid and successful entrepreneur to dovetail all facets of Marketing with all aspects of sourcing, contracting and executing Global Events in addition to creating strategies for a wide range of small to mid-size businesses in various niches.