Chubby Curls Table Talk

Manushkka Sainvil CEO/Creator

Chubby Curls

Graduating Class: 2017

Industry: Hair & Beauty


Chubby Curls is a line of high-quality, all-natural products crafted to maximize moisture and eliminate the many challenges dryness causes for natural hair. By sharing best practices and how to be an educated consumer, Chubby Curls’ mission is to educate and empower women of color so they can embrace the beauty and versatility of their hair.


B.A., History – University of Florida
B.S., Atmospheric Sciences – Penn State University


I’ve learned a great deal since entering into the health/beauty space and becoming an entrepreneur, chief among them being:

  1. Understanding the importance of financial literacy, the pillars of wealth creation and transferring generational wealth.
  2. Understanding the chemistry of natural hair.
  3. Understanding the psychology of marketing/shoppers, it’s truly fascinating.