Mauryell Smith El

Mauryell Smith El Operations Coordinator & Marketing Director

Make A Chess Move - MACM

Graduating Class: 2023

Industry: Health Science and Social Impact/Community Service


Mauryell Smith El was born and raised in Chicago where he played football, ran track, and learned a multitude of lessons. Mauryell went on to college at the University of Missouri to study Broadcast Journalism. During Spring 2017 in his time of college he became a member of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity Inc. and went on to become the chapter president. Other things Mauryell was involved in during school was being an Ambassador for the college of Arts and Science, a Trio Cat scholar, and Outreach Coordinator for Minorities in Sports. He would also go on to create his own sports blog Concrete Sports and create a platform for sports to be told from an African minded viewpoint. He would go on to hire other students in Mzzou’s Journalism School to give them experience to get internships in the field of journalism as well. Mauryell would go on to graduate from Mizzou in 2019. He moved to Denver, CO in June of 2019 and started working for the Denver Post’s Advertising department in August of 2019. Mauryell would stay with the Post up until the start of COVID in 2020. Later in August of 2020 he founded Vessel Spring Water to teach people about the inner workings of their bodies and proper hydration. In January of 2020 Mauryell became a member of the Moorish Science Temple of America. In February of 2021 he was allowed to start a mission here in Colorado to teach the Urban Community about their history and nationality. Mauryell is proud to be a member of MACM because he wants to make a difference in the lives of the youth so they can be productive members of their nation, and MACM is helping him with that platform.


University of Missouri 19′