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Micheline Merriwether

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Micheline Merriwether

: Institutional Trading Analyst


I am an Institutional Trading analyst for Charles Schwab & Co. Inc. I assist legal counsel in supporting Mutual Funds and ETFs by creating and managing registration statements, drafting and filing supplements and other SEC and FINRA filings. I am a 2015 graduate from the ULF Connect Program. My greatest takeaway was and still is encountering like-minded people within ULF. I was able to meet and grow with others who are pursuing their passions and desires. I gravitated toward those who had the same mindset as myself, which set me on a pathway to success. Because of ULF, I now have a lifetime of wealthy relationships that continuously push my colleagues and myself towards unimaginable goals. In my opinion, leadership is a privilege that comes with a growth mindset, self-awareness and methodology to inspire a group of individuals to achieve. My leadership philosophy determines who I am, how I work, and what I do. It is the power of the space between stimulus and response. I am most proud of the resources that we were able to provide within ourselves but to the community creating IAmAcademy Job Fair, by encouraging participants to think outside the box and consider various career opportunities.

Work Experience

ULF not only taught me the background of executing my ideas but also the essential power of surrounding myself with like-minded people and engraved in me if I'm surrounded by 32 successful mentors, business owners,millionaires, leaders. I'm determined to be the 33rd one. Most importantly, ULF instilled how I am my greatest return on investment.

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