Micheline Merriwether

Micheline Merriwether Stockbroker / Institutional Trader

Charles Schwab & Co. Inc

Graduating Class: 2015

Industry: Business Management & Administration and Finance


My name is Micheline Merriwether. I am an Institutional Trader at Charles Schwab & Co. I place block trades for corporations and organizations. I’m a tenacious individual, and enjoy taking on opportunities to learn. My words of wisdom to every co-hart. “We are the books we read, the movies we watch, the music we listen to, the people we spend time with, the conversation we engage in. It is essential what we feed our minds. You are your greatest ROI.”


Metro State University – currently studying Investment Banking & Mortuary Science.


ULF not only taught me the background of executing my ideas but also the essential power of surrounding myself with like-minded people and engraved in me if I’m surrounded by 32 successful mentors, business owners,millionaires, leaders. I’m determined to be the 33rd one. Most importantly, ULF instilled how I am my greatest return on investment.