Nakia Chisholm

Nakia Chisholm Health Systems Specialists

Department of Veterans Affairs

Graduating Class: 2023

Industry: Business Management & Administration, Government & Public Administration, and Project Management


Ms. Chisholm is a Health Systems Specialists with the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), National Surgery Office (NSO). She has over 22 years of health care clinical and administrative experience. She is a native of Philadelphia, PA but has lived in Colorado for over 30years. Ms. Chisholm is a mentor and trains others to be effective coaches and mentors in all facets.


Bachelor of Science in Business, Accounting (BSB-ACC)


22+ yrs. of with Veterans Health Administration.

22+ yrs. Clinical and administrative health care experience.

VA Coach and mentor trainer.

  1. Contracting Officer Representative (COR), Federal Government

Project management experience.

Expert in healthcare management and deliverables.

Analyzes, evaluates, advises on and/or coordinats health care delivery systems and operations.

Renders advice on operational policies and assure these policies are coordinated with, and in support of field operations.

Implements and evaluating policies, plans, and internal operational systems.