Rachel Robinson

Rachel Robinson Deputy District Attorney Juvenile Unit, Chair of the Committee on Diversity Recruitment and Retention

Denver District Attorney's Office


Graduating Class: 2020

Industry: Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security


Friendly, enthusiastic lawyer who speaks 3 languages and currently works as a prosecutor. My job is to vindicate the rights of victims and witnesses of crime while upholding the U.S. and Colorado Constitutions for all citizens. I am also Chair of the Diversity Recruitment and Retention Committee which I created with the full support of the elected District Attorney Beth McCann. I am leading 13 other prosecutors and support staff in executing a 5-phase plan to increase diversity among prosecutors. We hope this plan will be recreated across the country.


Bowling Green State University, Bachelor in Liberal Studies: Comparative Politics, Spanish

Bowling Green State University, Master of Public Administration: Leadership and Management

Washington University in St. Louis: Juris Doctoris: Public Interest Law


Assistant Circuit Attorney, St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office: January, 2018 – May, 2018

Deputy District Attorney, Denver District Attorney’s Office: May, 2018 – Present


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