Timniyha Owens-Staples

Timniyha Owens-Staples Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Specialist

Governor's Office of Information Technology

Graduating Class: 2022

Industry: Diversity Equity Inclusion, Government & Public Administration, Human Resources, Human Services, and Information Technology


Hello! My name is Timniyha (pronounced TIM-nee-uh) and I am an inclusion and belonging expert dedicated to meeting you precisely where you are in your diversity journey. I believe in a coaching approach that lends itself to honesty, vulnerability, and gaining practical knowledge while experiencing a full range of emotions. My unique blend of lived experiences and social identities allows me the perspective to relate with nearly everyone I meet. Growing up in Wichita, Kansas, my mother cemented the phrase “it takes so little to be above average” into my brain. With that as my foundation, I created one of my life mottos, “Sprinkle Magnificence”, as a reminder that adding even just a dash of “umph” to anything can make all the difference. After breaking into the Colorado spoken word scene in 2006, I developed over a decade of community-building and grassroots equity work performing, speaking, and facilitating workshops for community groups, universities, theaters, and more. From 2008-2016, I organized, hosted, and co-facilitated The Speakout poetry and open mic venue, providing a space for hundreds of artists and poets from various social identities and backgrounds to freely express themselves, exchange stories, and collectively heal from generational trauma. I entered local government work in 2014, and currently serve as the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Specialist for the Colorado Governor’s Office of Information Technology. I take pride in being a distinguished graduate of the Urban Leadership Foundation of Colorado’s ULF Connect Leadership Program. I’m especially proud that, due to my leadership of community service projects and consistent engagement, I received the Spirit of ULF Award. I also hold a certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental, Social and Governance Strategy from the University of Colorado Boulder Leeds School of Business. When it’s time for relaxation and self care, I most enjoy building Lego sets, learning to play songs on piano, and spending quality time with my spouse Cydney and daughter Rhylyn. Please reach out to me with any questions. I look forward to working with you soon!