Wael Khalifa

Wael Khalifa Denver Regional Director

US Senator John Hickenlooper


Graduating Class: 2017

Industry: Government & Public Administration


Thank you for reading my profile. I am a well-rounded public affairs, communications, and government operations professional with more than a decade of working in policy development and government relations for top leaders in the local and state governments. I am passionate about what I do because I enjoy establishing relationships with a variety of political figures and foreign nationals and creating messaging that aligns with brands, whether the messaging is on behalf of the government or an enterprise.

Because of my past experiences, I am very efficient and can mobilize teams quickly to achieve objectives. I also have a history of immersion in the cultures of Sudan, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and South Korea, and I am proficient in Arabic. With a strong interest in diversity, equity, and inclusion programs, I would be honored to establish plans to improve equity across organizations. With my technology and data analysis skill, I can deliver actionable insights for better, more informed decision-making. As mentioned previously, I am excellent at developing relationships. I can forge and foster strong connections with government leaders and visiting dignitaries and build partnerships and strategic alliances with key opinion leaders and external stakeholders. An excellent communicator, both verbally and in writing, I have repeatedly demonstrated my skill in drafting press releases, speeches, policies, and other written materials. I know I can only achieve objectives when the whole team is committed to the mission, so I take time to coach and mentor staff for optimal performance.

My key areas of expertise include but are not limited to Strategic Planning & Execution, Operations Management, Omnichannel Communications, Crisis Communications, Stakeholder Engagement, Thought Leadership, Messaging & Positioning, Event Management, Policy Development, Staff Development, and Leadership.

If you would like to discuss my background, you will find my contact information in this profile.


Master of Public Administration
University of Colorado Denver
Aug ’13

B.A., Ethnic Studies; Minor, Religious Studies
University of Colorado at Boulder
Aug ’12