Alumni Working In: Business Management & Administration

Simone Renee

Graduate of Johnson & Wales Denver, mother of 3 and entrepreneur with a passion for community engagement and project management. Simone is committed to building and maintaining relationships and encouraging…

Porsha Black

Porsha Black Executive Assistant & Manager, Administrative Business Partners. Kaiser Permanente Porsha joined Kaiser Permanente in March 2015 as part of the administrative team under the National Claims Administration. In…

Willard Hart

Vanessa Thomas-Jones

Andre Guy

DeWayne “DW” Smith

DeWayne Smith currently carries the position of Project Manager at U.B. Code Roofing & exterior additionally he provide other construction realty services as an independent construction consultant. U.B. Code Roofing…

Leabre McNeal

10 years experience in logistics and supply chain. 5 years experience as a CTE business professor. Believer, Coach, Mentor.

Osa Aihie

Osa serves as the CEO of the Blackice Group, a firm that specializes in scaling venture-backed startups and iconic brands. In his position, he oversees the growth strategy for clientele…

Nicole Monroe

Nicole is a proud native of Colorado, raised in North Aurora and a devoted mother of two children and now a proud grandmother. She holds a Master of Arts degree…

Vernon Tabor