Alumni Working In: Health & Fitness

Lesley Pace-Gormley

Lesley Pace-Gormley is a native of Aurora, Colorado and a proud graduate of Howard University where she obtained her B.B.A. in Computer Information Systems while minoring in Information Assurance. She…

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Victoria Smith

Porsha Black

Porsha Black Executive Assistant & Manager, Administrative Business Partners. Kaiser Permanente Porsha joined Kaiser Permanente in March 2015 as part of the administrative team under the National Claims Administration. In…

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Nailah Ellis Timberlake

Nailah Ellis Timberlake is currently a Media Consultant in her own firm, Timberlake Enterprises where she creates and implements strategies for companies. Previously Ms. Timberlake served as first ever Director…

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Andre Guy

Casondra Webb-Cole

Ahmad Lowe

Ahmad, a Colorado native, is first and foremost a father he is also a seasoned results oriented leadership professional and educator with 18 plus years experience leading and working with…

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Kinyata Jackson

Remembrance Wellness & Yoga LLC is a traveling studio dedicated to making healing accessible and applicable to all aspects of life. We focus on yoga for women’s healing, underserved communities…

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Jessica M . Newton

Jessica Newton is an honorary native of Colorado, born in Dallas, Texas. Jessica relocated to Denver in 1994, due to her father’s new position at the University of Denver. She…

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