Alumni Working In: Human Services

Shy Chapman

Timniyha Owens-Staples

Hello! My name is Timniyha (pronounced TIM-nee-uh) and I am an inclusion and belonging expert dedicated to meeting you precisely where you are in your diversity journey. I believe in…

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Joshua Adams

Nicole Monroe

Nicole is a proud native of Colorado, raised in North Aurora and a devoted mother of two children and now a proud grandmother. She holds a Master of Arts degree…

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Ahmad Lowe

Ahmad, a Colorado native, is first and foremost a father he is also a seasoned results oriented leadership professional and educator with 18 plus years experience leading and working with…

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Dawanta Parks

Dawanta Parks is a demonstrated Veteran leader serving as Director of Bayaud Works for Bayaud Enterprises. Over the last eight years, Dawanta has specialized in identifying complex problems and reviewing…

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