Alumni Working In: Marketing, Sales & Service

Alisha Harris

Alisha Harris is the CEO and Creative Director of Original Account Strategies, a website development and graphic design agency based in Denver, Colorado. Original Account Strategies (OAS) excels at weaving…

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Brittany Winkfield

Martin Tatom

Martin is a Managing Consultant with over 14 years of experience in business and technology related projects. He has proven success in numerous roles in project management, program management, and…

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Charlyn Moss

In 2021, Charlyn founded Working Within, a resource platform that helps Black social enterprise leaders access revenue to help scale their impact organizations. At Working Within, Charlyn works with leaders…

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Murjani Harris

Murjani is the Co-Owner and CEO of GEST Carts Denver, an advertising company that serves as both a mobile billboard and free shuttle service. Additionally, GEST Carts Denver is great…

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Shameka ‘Meka’ McBoat

I am a Denver Native and mother to an intelligent and beautiful daughter. I have so many loves in life – God, family, dancing, and real estate. But how I…

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Nailah Ellis Timberlake

Nailah Ellis Timberlake is currently a Media Consultant in her own firm, Timberlake Enterprises where she creates and implements strategies for companies. Previously Ms. Timberlake served as first ever Director…

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Osa Aihie

Osa serves as the CEO of the Blackice Group, a firm that specializes in scaling venture-backed startups and iconic brands. In his position, he oversees the growth strategy for clientele…

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Vernon Tabor

Ahmad Lowe

Ahmad, a Colorado native, is first and foremost a father he is also a seasoned results oriented leadership professional and educator with 18 plus years experience leading and working with…

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