Annual Civic Update Program

Annual Civic Update Program

1425383_552482248202965_2943919941254470791_oThe Urban Leadership Foundation’s Civic Update Program is designed for leaders in the community who would like to stay abreast of the challenges and opportunities that face the African American community and Denver as a whole. Different from our leadership development program. Civic Update is a civic engagement program designed for leaders who would like to not only learn but engage in meaningful dialog around specific issues.


The Civic Update program is designed for leaders who’s jobs depend on them staying abreast of the issues such as political leaders and their staff, community leaders and their staff, socially responsible corporations/departments and others. As most things in life, challenges like education, poverty, healthcare, etc., change annually and we anticipate participants of this program will become repeat participants in an effort to get an update on each topic annual.

2016 Civic Update Program

Date Topic
2016 TBD State of Education Day
2016 TBD State of Poverty Day
2016 TBD State of Healthcare Day
2016 TBD State of the Criminal Justice System Day
2016 TBD State of the Economy Day
2016 TBD Diversity & Inclusion Day

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